Designers of the brand, Ivan Tandarić (1982) and Aleksandar Šekuljica (1985), graduated from faculty of design at TTTF in 2009, Zagreb. Brand has started developing simultaneously with designers’ student years, continuing nowadays making their own big fashion shows where they display their new collections.

In last couple of years their design brought them to the very top of Croatian fashion world. Well-known of their commercial designer approach as well as representation of fashion as fun, from season to season they managed to surprise and thrill critics and public attending their fashion shows.

Their fashion expression is based on parts of conscious trash. The inspiration for fashion shows had been taken from various beauty elections, trash icon – David Hasselhof, turbofolk pioneer of silicon beauty, Kasandra the nineties popular dance music singer, Split’s queen of aerobic – Nataša Bebić, and the last but not least, the well – known soap opera Dinastija. Beside within the context of fashion, the brand has been mentioned several times in camp culture context. Making a great step towards experimenting with adornments and at the same time changing the connotation of the same, lead the brand be connected with camp culture. Designers established brand itself by playing ‘’logo-maniacs’’, ironically printing logo everywhere as a status symbol.

Many of our regional stars had identified themselves with the brand.  All of that made contribution in making of recognizable fashion brand that ELFS is, know under the synonym “No.1 Fashion brand with LOVE!”