Reclamations/refunds are only possible with the invoice as the sole proof of purchase.

The right on unilateral contract termination (return of order) has every ELFS web shop customer.

How can I ask for unilateral breach of contract or return of ordered products?

You have the right, without adducing the reason, unilaterally breach the contract of purchase within 14 days from receiving the package. The contract will be breached with written notice about breach of contract by filling the FORM FOR UNILATERAL BREACH OF CONTRCT or by other ambiguity proclamation through which you express your will of termination. The buyer is obligated to deliver the previously mentioned form or proclamation to the Seller, through the sellers address or e-mail
The form can be downloaded on the following link; CANCELLATION FORM.

Does everyone have a right to return the product?

The right to return the order has every single costumer on every item. To obtain the right on unilateral breach of this contract (return), you need to contact us about your decision of unilateral termination of the contract before the deadline. The same thing is obtained by filling in and sending us the form downloadable on the top of the page or through other ambiguity proclamation through which you express your will of termination.
An example of unilateral termination of contract form, which you can find on our web page, you can fill in and send it to us via e-mail.
The contract can be unilaterally terminated within 14 days without explaining the reason. The confirmation of receiving the notice of unilateral termination will be delivered without withhold to your e-mail address.
If terminate the contract unilaterally, we will refund the money received from you without withholding, and within 14 days from the day we have received your decision of unilateral contract termination. Money refund will be made through the same way you made your payment. Money refund can be made only after we have received the items. It is considered that you have accomplished your obligation in time if you send us back or give over the product to authorized person before the deadline established earlier.

You need to cover the direct cost of item return.If the ELFS web shop staff evaluates that the returned item is not damaged and in original package, we will make item return. If the returned item is not in proper condition (unworn and not damaged), the buyer needs to pay shipment in amount of 4,65 € for the orders within Croatia. Regarding orders outside Croatia, the customer is obligated to pay 33,18 € so the item can be resent to your address.

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