Do I need to register to be able to proceed with the payment at ELFS web shom?
No, you don’t! You can shop as a guest on our site, you just need to completely full the information page while proceeding with payment.

Why do you need my phone number?
Your phone number is requested so we could be able to quickly contact you during the delivery or return or exchange of the product.

Why do you need my OIB?
Your OIB is requested so we could write you a receipt of your purchase.


Payment Policy

How do I make the payment if I have promo code?
Promo code is entered during the process of payment in the special field for the promo code after which the amount in the cart will be reduced for the discount that is indicated by the code. After that you will proceed with the payment through most suitable way for you.

How do I pay on delivery?
On delivery payment is made through cash directly to the courier that delivered your package, after which you will receive a conformation about receive and payment of the delivered package. The receipt will be issued and send to your e-mail later on (receipt will be issued later due to fiscal rules).

*on delivery payment is valid only for orders within borders of Republic of Croatia

Am I able to pay in installments?
Installment payment is enabled to the customers that are paying with American Express or Diners credit or debit cards:
• it is able to pay in 2-6 installments without interest rate being imposed


I have chosen to pay with my debit or credit card and I received a mail which says that the means on my card are reserved but the transaction is still not made. What does that means?
Until we do not confirm that the chosen product is really available for you, the transaction will not be made. This means no money will be transferred from the card you have chosen to pay with. Only after your administrator ensures that the product is available, he will authorize the transaction and means will be transferred from your credit or debit card. Through this way we try to ensure not to charge some product that, unfortunately at this moment is not available.

Which are the payment methods at ELFS web shop?
Ordered products, with possible delivery costs, the costumer is able to pay on delivery through DPD express delivers (valid only for orders within the Republic of Croatia), credit transfer (general payment slip or through internet banking) or credit and debit cards such as: MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron, Diners i American Express (through T-Com Pay Way system).

We will contact the customer through his/her e-mail to confirm the order.

Installment payment is enabled to the customers that are paying with American Express or Diners credit or debit cards:
• it is able to pay in 2-6 installments without interest rate being imposed



How much does shipping cost?
For the orders inside the borders of Croatia minor than 700,00 €, shipping is charged 4,65 €, while for the orders that exceed 700,00 € the shipping is free. Shipping cost for all other countries is 33,18 €.

What should I do if the package is damaged? Am I obligated to take it?
If you notice that the package is damaged you are not obligated to take the package, nevertheless you are authorized to request a new delivery. We kindly ask you to inform us about that problem as soon as possible on: info@elfs.hr

If I am buying a product who’s price is minor than 700,00 € after entering the promo code, am I obligated to pay the sipping?
If the price of the selected product is 700,00 € or more, but entering the promo code you get a discount, you are obligated to pay the shipping.

What should I do if I am not on the delivery address when my package arrives?
The deliveryman will leave a notice with which you will be able to pick up your package at the closest, assigned post office. If the delivery on service exceeds 15 days, please contact us on info@elfs.hr so we could track your shipment as soon as possible.

When could I expect my ordered product to arrive?
The product will be delivered within 15 days after you receive an e-mail notice that your package has been sent.

How do you ship?
The products ordered through ELFS web shop are sent with express delivery courier service within 15 business days starting from the day you received and e-mail notice.



How long is the period in which I am able make a reclamation for ordered product?
You are obligated to lodge a complaint within period regulated by law.

If I notice that the product that I bought is damaged can I return it?
Of course! If you are not satisfied with the products bought at ELFS web shop, you have a right on reclamation in period established by the law. You can send your complaint through reclamation form or you can send us an e-mail indicating the subject RECLAMATION FOR ORDER (number of order) on info@elfs.hr

In case of receiving a damaged packaging or products, it is necessary to report the damage as soon as possible with the photos that shows the damage.

In case of reclamation, the customer is obligated to return us the product in agreed period. Reclamation will be considered valid if during the overview of the product we establish that it is complied with conditions for reclamation of Obligation law and Consumer protection act. In that case we are going to exchange the product or return the money within 15 days from the returned product arrival.



How can I ask for unilateral breach of contract or return of ordered products?
You have the right, without adducing the reason, unilaterally breach the contract of purchase within 14 days from receiving the package. The contract will be breached with written notice about breach of contract by filling the FORM FOR UNILATERAL BREACH OF CONTRCT or by other ambiguity proclamation through which you express your will of termination. The buyer is obligated to deliver the previously mentioned form or proclamation to the Seller, through the sellers address or e-mail info@elfs.hr
The form can be downloaded on the following link; RECLAMATION FORM.

Does everyone have a right to return the product?

The right to return the order has every single costumer on every item. To obtain the right on unilateral breach of this contract (return), you need to contact us about your decision of unilateral termination of the contract before the deadline. The same thing is obtained by filling in and sending us the form downloadable on the top of the page or through other ambiguity proclamation through which you express your will of termination.
An example of unilateral termination of contract form, which you can find on our web page, you can fill in and send it to us via e-mail.
The contract can be unilaterally terminated within 14 days without explaining the reason. The confirmation of receiving the notice of unilateral termination will be delivered without withhold to your e-mail address.
If terminate the contract unilaterally, we will refund the money received from you without withholding, and within 14 days from the day we have received your decision of unilateral contract termination. Money refund will be made through the same way you made your payment. Money refund can be made only after we have received the items. It is considered that you have accomplished your obligation in time if you send us back or give over the product to authorized person before the deadline established earlier. You need to cover the direct cost of item return.



Does every customer have a right to exchange the product?
The right to exchange the item has every single costumer on every item. The exchange needs to be requested within 14 business days after receiving the package.

Can I exchange product bought in ELFS web shop for some other product?
The customer is obligated to request the exchange via e-mail indicating the subject RETURN: ORDER NUMBER within 14 business days after receiving the delivery, on info@elfs.hr. Within the e-mail, the buyer needs to explain and specify does he want to exchange the product for the same one only different color or size, or he wants to exchange it for another product.

Can I exchange product bought in ELFS web shop for some more expensive product?
Of course you can! Contact our staff at info@elfs.hr and they will give you directions on how to make a difference between two products payment.

Can I exchange product bought in ELFS web shop for some other product in ELFS store?
The product bought can be exchanged by sending it to our address (ELFS d.o.o. , Amruševa 19, 10000 Zagreb, CROATIA, contact: +385 95 4812 847), after we have approved your return request. When we receive your shipment, we will send you the new product.

Which is the deadline for exchange request?
You need to make an exchange request within 14 days after receiving the package.

If I decide to exchange the item with another one that is cheaper will I get the money difference?
Of course you will! Contact our staff at info@elfs.hr and they will give you information on how will the money return process go.

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