For special and striking summer combinations!

Regardless of the time of year we are in, it is the details that make the biggest difference and give every outfit a touch of uniqueness and personality. The summer months are characterized by high temperatures, therefore the straw hat is currently one of the most popular fashion accessories and a ‘must have’ option that, in addition to looking very stylish, protects against the external harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

If we talk about combining summer hats, we like to see them most with flowing dresses, and of course, hats, kaftans and similar details that we don’t go to the beach without. If you want to wear a hat in daily casual combinations, we suggest that you opt for something smaller, that is, more subtle models that are very practical and functional and will perfectly complement any outfit without feeling heavy. Dare to wear straw hats in business and casual combinations and cocktail dresses. In this style game, anything is allowed because these hats bring a romantic touch and give your outfit an air of casualness.

On the other hand, going to the beach like more voluminous models that will protect from the sun and give your styling a trendy touch. Neutral shades are the most sought-after again this time, just like the straw texture that irresistibly reminds of the favorite summer playfulness and relaxation.


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