Scented lavender pillow


Scented pillows filled with dried lavender flowers are popular for their therapeutic properties to help relax and reduce stress. The scent of lavender is traditionally used to calm and improve mood, so lavender scented pillows are often used in aromatherapy and to help with insomnia.

If you didn’t know, Croatia is known for the production of high-quality lavender, especially on the island of Hvar in Dalmatia. Autochthonous varieties of lavender are grown there, such as lavender angustifolia (narrow-leaved lavender) and lavender intermedia (hybrid lavender), which are prized for their rich and intense fragrance. Lavender is the recognizable scent of Croatia and has a significant impact on tourism and the economy with a long tradition of use in everything from cosmetics to cooking.


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Ingredients: 100% cotton

Filling: 100% lavender



May cause allergic reactions

Do not swallow

Keep out of reach of children


Instructions for use: place the scented pad in a closet or drawer