While the summer sun is caressing us with its warm embrace and you’ve probably already escaped the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s time to hit the beaches and pools in style!

Although we do not like to be slaves to the latest trends, we are always looking for summer outfits in which we will stand out from the crowd and which will emphasize all our attributes in the right way.

The latest ELFS resort 2023 collection is a real treat for all those fashion-conscious people who love comfortable clothes that will make them feel great and be stylishly dressed along the way!


A perfect combination of nostalgia and modernity

This year’s ELFS swimwear designs offer a range of exciting options for you to shine on the beach this summer. From body-hugging monochrome one-pieces and two-pieces to bolder patterns and retro styles, the swimwear of the ELFS resort 2023 collection embodies the perfect blend of nostalgia and modernity.

Patterns are making a big comeback this year, with playful prints leading the way. On ELFS swimwear, you will find recognizable patterns in bright colors that go well with the colors of summer. Male bathing fans are not forgotten either, and there are numerous models with the recognizable ELFS print at their disposal. Feel free to flaunt your confidence on the shore in these eye-catching swimwear that express your unique personality.

For those who love understated elegance, minimalist swimwear remains a timeless choice. Clean lines, solid colors and elegant designs offer a sophisticated look without sacrificing style. Less can be more, and these minimalist pieces prove that simplicity can be just as stunning.

To the beach with style, the summer of 2023 brings with it many ELFS trendy and modern swimwear that satisfy different tastes and preferences, but in addition to them, do not forget about the beautiful ELFS dresses in pastel colors, as well as timeless shirts in bright colors, with which you will never go wrong, regardless of your gender.

Summer vacation outfits are a favorite among all generations, and even in the summer edition you can show off your fashion skills and leave a stylish impression. Whether you like bright colors or understated elegance, this year’s summer ELFS resort 2023 has something for everyone. Embrace your unique style and dazzle with confidence wherever you go this summer season!

There are really a handful of choices, and below we bring you several beautiful ELFS fashion combinations for summer vacations in which you will shine this summer!

Fotografije potpisuje fotograf Danijel Galić, a maodeli su Tina Mustapić i Evan Beaković.

All creations from the ELFS resort 2023 collection are available in ELFS stores in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Opatija and Hvar and online via our web shop at www.elfs.hr.


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