★ ELFS helped equip the laboratory in elementary school in Dubica and provided a high quality teaching program for preschoolers in Knin ★

The fashion duo ELFS once again showed a great, noble heart. Namely, in their solo magazine in October last year, designers Aleksandar Šekuljica and Ivan Tandarić, behind the name of ELFS, decided on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the association “RTL helps children” to support two projects intended for the youngest – equip the laboratory with a new microscope with the corresponding equipment in Elementary school Ivo Kozarčanin in Dubica, and to provide children in Knin, who are not attending kindergarten, multilingual learning programs and structured games . All the lovers in the top fashion could buy tickets for the ELFS magazine and donate funds to the association “RTL helps the children” , who then funded projects in Dubica and Knin, all to ensure our youngest ones ensure a more quality and happier growth that deserves all children.

The aim of the project “Increase, explore, show in nature” in Dubica is the training of students for independent work, research and practice in practical works of nature and biology. Using the more advanced technology will improve the quality of teaching and increase the interest of students to explore the microsphere the goal of the project in Knin for the Science Science Association “Scientia populo” for children who are not covered by the system of kindergarten care at the age of two and a half to five years to provide a fun and educational learning program so that they also develop and grow in line with their potential and they were preparing to go to school in the best possible way.
Photos: Sasa Zinaja, Robert Gašpert