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100% cotton

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    Cotton shirt with classic cut and recognizable logo will make any of your fashion combination special.


    The first T-shirt dates back to 1913, the time of Spanish – American war when the American navy officers started wearing it as underwear.

    The word T-shirt became a part of U.S. English language in 1920 and appeared in Merriam- Webster dictionary. After the Second World War it became common to see veterans wearing their special pants with t-shirt of casual clothes. T-shirts became even more popular in 1950 after the movie called Streetcar named Desire, where Marlon Brando wore it. After the movie, T-shirt became a symbol of modern and autonomous piece of clothes. It was usually worn by boys during the house work and playtime, at the end, T-shirt became a general part of casual clothing.

    T-shirts with prints and logos are being massively used since 1942 when the school Air Corps Gunnery appeared on the headlines of the Life magazine. In 1960 the T-shirt became very popular and gained a role of promotion and self-expression. Nevertheless they were used for protests and souvenirs. Today, T-shirts are made from various materials and come in many designs.


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