50 ml

perfume, alcohol Denat., Aqua, glycerol, dipropylene glycol

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  • Parfume ELFS LOVE


    We made this next step because scent creates and connects emotions, and that’s exactly what we try to accomplish with this perfume. After long and exhausting process, great amount of testing formulas, we managed to get what we wanted and that is a seductive and feminine perfume which is made for LOVE. To create an attraction effect for girls and women at the same time and make them feel feminine and desirable, we decided to mix in seductive notes of fruit, flowers and tree. To make a woman unpredictable and playful, in high perfume notes you can find limpid neroli, unpredictable bitter orange and sweet flirty mulberry. Transformation from a girl to a woman is imagined through traditional flowery notes for sensuality as orange flower, intimate jasmine and bouquet of hyacinth. For the end we left an idea of determined woman who is equal to a man, but she doesn’t lose her femininity. The basics are created whit outstanding patchouli, intoxicating honey and cedar tree.

    Top notes: mulberry, bitter orange, neroli. Middle notes: orange flower, jasmine, hyacinth, gardenia. Basics: honey, patchouli, cedar.

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